About Us

defy & Inspire Professional Quality Nail Lacquer is the best long wearing nail lacquer exclusive to Target. We strive for great quality and a better-for-you alternative being 17 free of bad chemicals, while still providing trendy nail lacquer and nail art options. Our mission is to defy the ordinary, Inspire the extraordinary. 
We want to create a community of people from all ages, all races, all genders to express themselves through nail lacquer. We believe beauty comes from within and when you have a fresh mani or pedi, you can conquer the world!
The team at defy & Inspire wants to give each and every human being the ability to transform your nails in to whatever you desire most, whether it’s a classic neutral or French tip to outrageous, show stopping nail art. We want you to be you and be proud, because you, our customer, are defying the ordinary and inspiring the extraordinary!
With all the love, the defy & Inspire Team! 


Defy and Inspire is only sold at Target


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