How do YOU defy the ordinary and inspire the extraordinary?

Check out some of our amazing nail mavens below to hear their stories and even learn some new nail art!

Love seeing people grow to their full potential and helping where I can. Even though I was the youngest in my class I was asked to tutor and it always brought me great joy to see others grow and have a new appreciation for what they’re learning. I feel like I haven’t succeeded until they do. I started tutoring in high school and haven’t stopped. I tutor kids 5 years of age and adults in various subjects. It’s wonderful to see them flourish and have a sense of accomplishment!


One way I've defied the ordinary and inspired the extraordinary was through a post on my beauty instagram, @beauteaandthebee, this past October. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I created a post/makeup look and for every share the post got I committed to donating $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It was such a fun look to create and felt so rewarding to give to a great charity.



1. Paint nails alternating One In A Melon and Snow Daze. 2. Using a dotting tool, paint white hearts on pinky nail and dots on middle nail. 3. Using a dotting tool, paint hearts on index finger using
One In A Melon. 4. Using a striping brush or stripe tape, create horizontal stripes. 5. Top it all off with Over The Top

I defy and inspire people in my life by trying new and different things and doing things that not everyone is doing. Also by being different and doing what I love regardless of what others think of it. By being polite and trying to be the best me possible. I want to inspire people to be better everyday and to excel at being you.


How I defy the ordinary & inspire the extraordinary is my dedication to Volunteerism. Not only do I volunteer as often as I can at my favorite organizations, but I have chosen my career path in Volunteer Management. I want to help organizations realize the full potential of volunteers and show volunteers all the amazing options they have to get involved in their community.



1. Apply two coats of Grape Sunrise to three nails. 2. On your two other nails, apply two coats leaving a half-circle of empty space on your nail plate. 3. Apply chunky glitter to the empty space.
4. Finish with one coat of Over The Top to all nails.

I am a new mama, full-time student, and work full-time! It’s exhausting, but I love being a mom, love my job, and love the degree I’m pursuing. Also, I’m 19 years old, daughter to immigrants, and a first generation college student. I hope that my journey can inspire so many others to chase their dreams no matter how big they are. It’s possible with lots of determination and hard work!


I defy and inspire the extraordinary by volunteering as a mentor for middle school and high school students in my community. I develop personal relationship with them by encouraging them to make good choices and serve others. My favorite part of my volunteer work is watching these teens grow up and live happy lives.



1. Start with two coats of Grape Sunrise and allow it to dry completely.  2. Using Bridezilla, wipe almost all the polish off of the brush. 3. Swipe the brush diagonally across your nail 2-3 times.
Do not re-dip your brush. 4. Repeat on each nail. 5. Let dry completely before adding one coat of Over The Top.

I am constantly looking for ways to help others around me. I'm always on the lookout for free pantry boxes and little free libraries around town to drop food or books so others can take what they need (not just food- books are important too!) I'll run around and do errands for others if needed and they can't get out too!


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